Completed Stories

All stories are told in a linear narrative and have a hetro-diagetic narrator, whom looks back over the stories as they are told.


  • He had an idol who he would watch all day
  • When he was old enough he left to be an entertainer, like his idol
  • He auditioned (juggling) and the ring leader saw money
  • So he got his own stage
  • But he was too small and people needed binoculars to see him
  • So he got put on the door
  • But no one noticed him
  • Devoid of attention he became over weight and decrepit
  • And was left sad, lonely and unfulfilled

Tragedy – The mouse gets what he wants only to find it has a sour taste


  • He liked putting a smile on kids faces by giving them treats from down his trousers
  • Special rubbers
  • However he had no pockets in his oversized  clown trousers, so had to use them instead
  • A bag was the obvious answer
  • No longer seemingly playing with his bits he was happy
  • And so were the children

Comedy – 


  • He never knew his father and his mother left on his second birthday
  • One day he found an abandoned bicycle so took it for a little ride
  • He rode all around the USA
  • Before he joined the circus
  • On a circus visit to the UK an RSPCA inspector ruled his act as animal cruelty
  • And cycled off on the bike, leaving him all alone again

Tragedy – Starts with a low, the bike brings  misunderstanding leads to a sorry ending

Pie Thrower

  • There was no escaping he was a fatty
  • He ate all the pies
  • So people laughed
  • And through more pies in his face
  • Tired of this, he started to exercise collecting the pies he would of once eaten
  • He chased people and throw them in their faces
  • So people laughted


Tightrope Walker

  • He loved to drink
  • And drink
  • And Drink
  • Driving home from the pub one evening, he got stopped by the police
  • And asked to walk the line, which he did straight and true
  • So he joined the circus and had a pint to ease his nerves


Ring Leader

  • He loved to read books
  • His favourite book was ‘Lord of the Rings’
  • He dreamed about the ring
  • The power it ould give him
  • And what he could make his minions do
  • One day he saw an advert and all his dreams came true
  • He was lord of the circus ring



  • He was hardly a strongman
  • Not willing to work out, he attached himself to an air pump
  • And inflated his body to be big
  • And strong
  • A mosquito craving the blood of a god bit his arm
  • Which popped
  • Leaving nothing but bone



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