Character Rendering

After considering the research i have done into character rendering and experimenting, I have decided that a softer look to the characters, using the changing colour hues to show and define details and outlines, as apposed to a hard black line, using bright pastel shades is most fitting.

I have also tried to take on board the varying eye shapes, which i have spoke about in previous posts.


All of the images are created using two layers, the top one drawn, photographed and then with the ‘soft light’ filter placed on it in photoshop. a layer of colour is then filled in below, creating the different hues of colour that are found in the final image.

The mouse (on the left) is drawn using pen.
The strongman (in the middle) is drawn with a heavy B pencil
The bear (on the right) is drawn with a HB pencil

i personally think a mix of the B pencil with a pen outline would work the best in defining the characters, whilst still giving them a drawn feeling, found in the sketchy lines of the pencil drawings.


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