The Circus Has Left Town

Push the character based side of my work, through the use of narrative, to the put the characters into the new and exciting environments that they belong.  The character and their narratives should all relate to one and other, to create a ‘world’ with in which they inhabit and interact.  Different formats and mediums should be used and experimented with in terms of materials and narrative structure.

The main setting/ theme surrounding the each character will be a circus and misunderstanding/ interpretation.  This spurs from the colourful, creative, funny and entertaining nature of the circus, and is backed up by a common fear of clowns and circus folk, which should easily lend itself to my characters.  This will merely be a starting point though, with the characters having their own narratives in and around this situation.

Having experimented with materials and other formats, the final outcome(s) should be lead primarily by the characters created and should take the most suitable format to show them and the narratives which surround them, as well as being interesting and engaging for the viewer.

Artists such as James Jarvis and Jon Burgerman will be studied, how their characters work together and the stories that are based around them.  Other screen based narratives such as ‘Monkey Dust’, an animated series from the BBC will be looked at for the way in which the stories told blend into one and other.  As well as ‘Sponge Bob Squarepants’ and ‘Ren and Stimpy’ for the energy found through out.  More traditional comic book style, frame based narratives will also be referenced, however this is not a format I wish to use, partly due to the tradition behind it and partly as I have never found the medium easy to engage with.

Postcards produced for Brag Clothing

Postcards produced for Brag Clothing


The work created will probably not be suitable for minors, due to the apparent ‘dark’ nature of the characters I create.  Any images would probably work well in a book environment or as posters, stickers or murals on walls, places in which they have already found a happy home, but this is yet to be decided by them.


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