Colophon 09 – At The Event

My general impression from Colophon, was a surprise at how friendly, inviting, interested and passionate everyone at the event was; the organisers, the press, the magazine curators and the creatives.  With most of the people there being freelance, it was interesting to see how that side of the industry works, in both the sense of finance (with advertising paying for the large majority of magazine publishing and self investment/sponsorship the rest) and how open a lot of people are to collaborations.  It has made me believe that going freelance may actually be possible, as long as i have the determination and funding to follow it through.

Pages from Good Magazine, photos of us playing

Pages from Good Magazine, photos of us playing

Although unlike other members of our group, i did not display my work on the first day, there were many opportunities to express ones self and get my work seen.  Modelling for Victoria Thornes photos and producing work with Richard Baker, which made it into a magazine which was produced during the event, by those attending.

Top: Richard Baker and myself puzzled and Karon Magazine

Top: Richard Baker and myself puzzled and Karon Magazine, Below:Magazine made during colophon 09, work by Victoria Thorne, Richard Baker and myself included

Overall Colophon 09 has had a lasting impression on me, it has made me realise that experimenting and creating a broad spectrum of work is not necessarily a draw back, as different clients are looking for different aspects to work.  It has also made me realise the importance of having strong ideas and following them through.  Most of all I have a new will and want to produce work and to a high standard.


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