Basics of Flash Coding

Learning how to access webcams using Flash and actionscript 2.0

Place a new video into the window and call it; my_video

Enter this code into the actions box, for the frame

var my_camera:Camera = Camera.get ();

var my_video:Video

my_video.attachVideo (my_camera)Accessing my webcam via Flash

This enables the camera, which would be easy to hide behind another object.  However the question is how to access the camera with out the participant knowing, as they have to allow you access to their camera before it can be accessed…

This is also just a way of letting them view video from their webcam, and the basis from which other coding can be placed on top to make it an interactive experience…

So a way to store and use the data will have to be found/ created and a means to ‘trick’ the user into allowing camera access during the experiment.


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